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NURTUREart Non-Profit

Unrealized: Conceptual Bushwick AND Artist Trading Card Workshop and Trading Session

Ever want to build a floating hot-tub full of milk and, pirate style, have it attack the Goodyear Blimp during the Superbowl? What about airlifting entire city blocks of Chelsea and depositing them along the Arctic Circle? Or a moon-sized drawing of the earth? Or would you perhaps prefer to transform a gallery space into a functioning bank, complete with tellers, vaults and bank-robbers? Or maybe you’ve just always wanted to make a painting with molten gold, but could never quite afford it. Or maybe you have more serious dreams than these, if only time, money, physics and morality were not so inconvenient. Conceptual Bushwick offers the arts community a chance to describe their most fantastic artistic projects, leaving aside terrestrial concerns for money, time, or the laws of physics. NURTUREart will become a venue for the peoples of Bushwick to come nail their radical or merely unrealized ideas to the walls. Everyone and every idea included, and visitors can contribute to the exhibition throughout the weekend. The ideas will also be kept in the form of an ongoing blog/database, a Registry of Impossible Ideas, to coincide with the opening of our new artist registry, itself a kind of catalog of ideas. More details will be posted on the website as the weekend approaches.

Also, please joing us for our second ARTIST TRADING CARD WORKSHOP AND TRADING SESSION at NURTUREart Gallery Saturday, June 5th, as part of the Bushwick Open Studios weekend!

For those not familiar with the concept, Artist Trading Cards are small 3.5″ x 2.5″ works of art created by anyone, and made only for trading. The goal is to provide a foil for the commercially driven art world and a venue for artists of all ages, professions and abilities to share ideas and their artistic expressions. Free from the pressure of the formal studio and the large scale work, ATCs allow artists a venue for relaxed experimentation and a chance to meet other artists.

Please join us in the gallery for an afternoon of drawing, painting and collaging miniature artworks inspired by the history, community and art of Bushwick. Trade cards with friends, students, and local artists!

Blank cards, art supplies and refreshments will be provided, but we encourage you to please bring small amounts of painting, drawing or collage supplies to share.

For more information on Artist Trading Cards, please see the links below:

ATC Workshops and Trading Sessions are a part of the NURTUREart Educational Outreach Program. Learn more about all of NURTUREart’s programs and opportunities for emerging artists and curators at