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BOS Cabaret 2010

Xenia Rubinos, Jessica Finn, Boomslang, Mieke D and Alice York, Olivia Lehrman, Katherine Rojas, Francesca Ferrando, Charles Lear, Daniel P. Fay and others , Arts in Bushwick
Cabaret poster

Doors/bar open at 7.
The Land of Shadow begins downstairs at 7:30.
Cabaret begins at 8.
Suggested Donation $5

In the front room:

Facepainting by Abigail Weg

Live Drawing by 0H10M1ke


Michelle Mayer’s The Tuning Room
Tuning Room houses a transplanted rhizomorphic offshoot of an ancient fungal creature that communicates through low frequencies just beyond human hearing. Using a network of sub woofers in the floor and customized software, the Tuning Room allows for a visceral interaction with another species.

Mark Skwarek & Joseph Hockings
Create your own oil spill in your local neighborhood with “the leak in your hometown” app currently for the iPhone 3GS and coming to the android. Take your mobile device to your local BP gas station or the BOS Cabaret 2010 and launch the app. Use the app to look at the BP logo and see the broken pipe and clouds of oil emerge from the sign.

Elisa Velazquez
Elisa Velazquez creates soft textile sculptures and mixed media installations that incorporate original poems and text. Her pieces both honor and subvert the medium of crochet and traditional women’s work.


7:30pm – Daniel P. Fay – The Land of Shadow
A galaxy of creatures, musicians, and clowns probe classical mythological themes, the dreams of earthworms, and the human condition. Featuring puppets designed and performed by Daniel Patrick Fay, and experimental music composed and performed by Andrew Livingston.


Xenia Rubinos – Elephant Songs featuring the video art of Nobuko Hori
Xenia Rubinos’ Elephant Songs are vignettes of cuban children’s rhymes, daydream monologues, and sonic explorations with a tribal twist.

Jessica Finn – her majesty’s candy throne
This is a dance about cat shit and transformation.

Boomslang – Let’s Fuck or Get Married
Boomslang, the literary and performance wing of Goddamn Cobras Collective, present three short monologues examining the way idealized online dating profiles are often in contrast to offline weaknesses, intentions and desires.

Mieke D and Alice York – News You Can Do! The Week in Revue
An episodic movement-theater piece reflecting an utterly subjective, clown’s-eye-view of what matters in the world today.

Olivia Lehrman
This young musician is Smart. Pretty Smart. MISS Pretty Smart to you. And she will do anything to get you to appreciate fine music.

Katherine Rojas – Enlighta
A pink, performative-interactive installation that invites citizens to recreate New York; taking away from the city what they don’t like and giving the city everything they always wanted.

Francesca Ferrando – Gangsta Bellydance
A mix of bellydance, gangsta rap moods, shamanic energy and psychedelic fantasy..

Charles Lear
Mixing improvised beats with synths and spoken word samples from fringe documentaries and newscasts.

Musical interludes by Drew Torres.

BOS Cabaret 2010 from artsinbushwick on Vimeo.