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As Long As We Endure

Benn Rasmussen, Ephemerui

‘As Long As We Endure’ is a roof top dance performance by the company Ephemerui. The work is an evening length work (70 mins) for 4 dancers. After ten months of research the quartet of dancers performs the open movement structures. Sampling memory and movement from the past, the present and from each other. As the work builds in the minds of the audience the performers curate the work based on each other’s improvisational movement choices and a sound score designed by Ryan Manchester. The piece with costumes by Laura Sjogren is an exploration of awareness of a dynamic self within a community, as the group struggles to find power, control, balance, existence. Against the driving force of a linear narrative present in a dying to live, the performers bodies coated in layers of clay, reveal powerful human spirits that endure beyond all conditions. Connecting to an ancestral lineage the performers: Faye Lim, Meg Madorin, Ed Rice & Benn Rasmussen craft an original and organic work each evening. With artistic direction by: Benn Rasmussen the work maintains a focused presence and a curious exploration relationship to body, space and time.