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Lizzie Boredom


Lizzie Boredom is a video artist, filmmaker, and comedienne investigating themes of narcissism, boredom, and identity construction in the digital age. Due to the nature of her work, she attempts to take on all aspects of the filmmaking process from beginning to end, and is the only actor in all of her work.

The resulting pieces have a snarky, dark comedic tone that provokes the viewer to question his/her own relationship with the media: How are new forms of digital media allowing us to escape the existential boredom that exists in our daily lives? By projecting charicatures of ourselves into the digital world, are we relieving our search for meaning? Or is the constant barrage of information contributing to our constant need to be entertained? Are our digital identities true representations of ourselves, or are we attempting to mask imperfection?

Lizzie’s work has been likened to filmmakers like Maya Deren and Miranda July, although she’ll deny any resemblance if you ask her in person. Her comedic style has been compared to Tim and Eric as well as Leslie Hall.

The event will include videos, images, and audio.