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Press for Bushwick Open Studios 2010

NAMED BEST OPEN STUDIO BY THE L MAGAZINE: “Other studio-dense districts like Long Island City, Gowanus, Red Hook and Sunset Park can’t compete with the spectacular quantity and quality of the art being produced in converted warehouses beyond East Williamsburg. Nor does any other neighborhood have a group quite like Arts in Bushwick to get everyone coordinated for a massive one-weekend art party.”  – The L Magazine – full story
“For people whose art forays rarely extend beyond Chelsea’s Thursday-night gallery openings, the festival in Bushwick, Brooklyn, held mostly in alternative spaces, offers entrée into a more underground scene.” –  Melena Ryzik, The New York Times – full story
“Only in New York will you find such a concentrated community of artists… thriving and creating, invading a neighborhood with art and turning it into a way of life.” – Joann Kim, updownacross – full story 

“The strength of non-hierarchical organization is a kind of quick, almost viral empowerment and communication, enabling the often diffuse and disparate voices of artists and creative types to remain largely independent while also forming a larger, collective voice.” -  James Yeh, The Greenpoint Gazette – full story
“The weekend gives artists the opportunity to network with other artists, curators, collectors and other creative professionals and admirers on their own terms. It simultaneously helps build the reputation of Bushwick as a growing creative community while embracing neighborhood residents and other local groups as well as those looking in with a curious eye from other locations.” – Risa Shoup, The Huffington Post – full story

“The atmosphere was one of shared ideals and common, though varied, creativity: rooms full of art waiting to be discovered, hiding behind endless grey doors in cream corridors; the experience was surreal and infinitely intriguing.” Sophie Hill, Underground on Broadway – full story 
“But more than the volume and variety of work on display during the event, the single greatest achievement of Bushwick Open Studios might be the opportunity it provides for visitors to interact with artists on their own turf, and to observe the dramatic influence that the environment and its creative community have had on one another.” – Rachel Simhon, The Avant Guardian – full story

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Press for Past Arts in Bushwick Festivals


Bushwick Open Studios

“..the not-for-profit arts festival in Bushwick conforms nearly perfectly to our romantic fantasies about what an arts community ought to be.” – Benjamin Sutton, The L Magazine – full story

“New York art critic Jerry Saltz recently described the thriving scene in Bushwick as the “closest thing to the ’80s East Village.” And Bushwick’s culture producers do tend to run their DIY galleries out of living rooms, storefronts and forsaken industrial spaces. But behind the neighborhood’s creative mayhem, there’s a distinctly organized, promotion-savvy streak.” – Anne Wehr, WNYC – full story

“Who needs Chelsea?” – Melena Ryzik, New York Times – full story

“When artists collaborate in exhibitions at events such as Bushwick Open Studios, they become engaged beyond the borders of their lofts and begin to think about other ways of becoming involved with their community.” – Aaron Short, BushwickBK – full story

“Geographically free from the pretense of the Chelsea art market, art is at play. There is one condition: with freedom comes social responsibility.” – Alex Callender, NY Art Beat – full story



“Can you throw a two-day do-it-yourself performance festival if you don’t actually have a theater space to perform in? In East Williamsburg, the answer is yes.” – Aaron Short, Courier Life – full story

“Mixed experiences drove home the fact that the SITE weekend is all about works in progress, and ultimately all performance is just that. As a testing bed, the festival is a success.” – Paul Cox, Bushwick BK – full story

“Art was alive in Brooklyn last weekend as Arts in Bushwick celebrated local music, dance and theatre performances through out the city as part of the second annual SITE Fest.” – Ashley Bressler, Greenpoint Gazette – full story

“SITE—like BETA and BOS—places a heavy emphasis on the geography, culture and arts community of Bushwick in particular. The fact that the festival happens on a street level—essentially asking all visitors to take on the role of the eternal flaneur (the very concept of which suggests the participant-observer dialectic)—breaks down the barriers between gallery and street, art and life.” – Juliet Linderman, The Greenpoint Gazette – full story

“Performers of all genres — comedians, dancers, concert promoters and directors — all spoke about having the freedom to fail.  Bushwick’s bars, warehouse lofts, studios and former hotels all serve the important purpose of allowing a place for creative expression without the pressure of critical review or ticket sales. “ – Aaron Short, Bushwick BK – full story


BETA Spaces

“Overall the vibe felt about as far removed from the typical “gallery experience” as possible, making most observers feel like they were really in on the ground floor of the Bushwick scene as it happens.” – Joel Myers, BushwickBK – full story

“The resulting array of colorful and diverse outdoor installations created an atmospheric blend of the ordinary and the extraordinary, the urban and the artistic, and seemed to turn Bushwick, at least for one afternoon, into a sort of dream-like cityscape.” – Juliet Linderman, The Greenpoint Gazette – full story

“[BETA Spaces] provides curators with an opportunity to develop their vision and collaborate with artists in order to produce a strong exhibit, which is what professional gallery and museum curators do for a living.”  – Aaron Short, Courier News – full story


  1. Good, tell some of these critics and curators to come and make more visits!

    • chloe says:

      Hi Oliver,

      We hope to continue to get good press — a lot of that results in artists using their networks (and ours) to stay well-connected and make sure that we’re all creating more opportunities for ourselves as word gets out about a particular event.

      (Arts in Bushwick)

  2. Hello,
    there was a very positive, well-written article about BOS 2010 by Aaron Short, published on BushwickBK. Here’s a link to the article with a good quote from it:

    Art on a Theme: Connectivity
    by Aaron Short, A Short Story | June 10th, 2010

    “Visiting hundreds of artist studios is a lot more fun than hanging out in a 90-degree, air conditioner-less room while people silently critique your work. Unless you’re part of a dating meet-up, in which case none of this applies.

    Yet connectivity is perhaps most evident in the purpose of the festival itself, which draws artists out of their studios to visit new friends during the weekend and make them realize they are part of a large, thriving community of artists.”

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